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APA Research Paper

Actually, there is no such thing as an APA research paper. This simply denotes that you can write a college term paper based on the principles of the American Psychological Association’s platform of citing resource materials. However, many students still would like to identify such a paper base don the format which is not really a bad thing.

An APA research paper concerns about the way you use in-text citation in the term paper itself. As you know, term paper writing involves the usage of other materials so you can solidify and strengthen your claims in the paper. Now, using the APA format is really easy and you do not need to use a sample research paper. The first step is to capture the sentences and phrases that you wish to use from the reference material. Put it inside your research paper enclosed in quotation marks. After the closing quotation mark, you can now cite the referenced materials. Integrate the author’s last name followed by a coma then the year of publication. All of these three details should then be enclosed in parentheses. Now you are done. An APA format research paper can be easily written. Take a look at a simple example below:

“The American people have long been suffering under an inefficient president George W. Bush” (Coleman, 2003).

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