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APA research paper

A term paper isn’t considered credible if it does not have any citation styles involved in its writing. Basically, citing your resources can make a difference because you are recognizing the works of other people and use their findings to make your research paper more credible. One of the basic term paper structures is the APA research paper format. This is usually used for topics that are related to science but it really does not matter if you are going to use it for any other topics. As long as you have followed the style in correct writing systems, then you are good.

So what is the basic structure of the APA research paper? We are going to talk about the process of writing the bibliography page for an APA research paper. This is the last page of any research papers were you will list down all the resources that you have used in writing your paper. The bibliography page is named as “References” when using the APA format. Just like any other citation styles, this page will require you to have the names of the authors of your referenced documents, the title of the article, medium where it is written, the page numbers, year of publication, the city of publication and the publishing company.

So how do we arrange the entries? The surname of the author is the first details while the first name will use only the initial letter of the name. This is followed by the date of publication, the title, city and the publishing company. You may see a sample below :

Chavez, R (1974). Many Things. Denver: Wochiski Publishing House.

Now, it is possible to have more than one reference material. In this case, you may have multiple entries in the reference page. Simple list those in alphabetical order and you are done. Also, the second lines of each entry must be indented at least .50 inches in length.

We can provide you with some samples document for your APA research paper learning. Some examples of expository essays, argumentative papers and other article types may be downloaded form our samples page. Use them today.

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