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Several Possible Persuasive Essay Prompts

There is no denying the value of persuasive essay prompts.  Right now, especially if you are a high school student, you may not be able to recognize their importance.  That is completely understandable.  In high school, when your teachers give you essay prompts, it tends to feel as if they are simply trying to control you.  That is how most teenagers feel about their teachers at one time or another.  They dictate what books you can read, they pile homework on you, they control what you study, and in the blink of an eye they can assign an exam and make your life miserable for the next few weeks.  But trust that your teachers are not trying to torture you when they give you writing prompts.  Quite the contrary, they are trying to help you.  Usually, only retrospect, hindsight, and all of that, will help you see how much they actually are helping you.  Hopefully, however, the following information will let you see it now.  Plus, we are going to take a look at a few persuasive prompt samples – just to give you some practice, if you would like! Get some more ideas about interesting research paper topics.

The purpose of persuasive essay prompts is, of course, to teach you how to write persuasively.  This is going to come in handy with term paper writing, with research papers, and even – especially – with later dissertations and research proposals, when you need to persuade a committee that the research you are proposing is worthwhile and important.  These types of essay prompts are also frequently seen on college applications.  Sometimes you have to write a narrative or personal essay but far more often you need to explain exactly what a particular institution will gain from admitting you into one of its programs.  You also need to persuade that college or university to understand why you are interested in that school and how you think you will benefit from going there.

Clearly, persuasive essay prompts are not something your high school teachers use just to torture you.  Writing prompts are invaluable.  You can learn something from each different one, be they persuasive, personal, argumentative, or expository prompts.  It may be hard to take them seriously at this time in your life and they may seem like far more work than they are worth.  However, being able to persuade readers to your point of view, no matter what you are writing about, will benefit you so much!  It will even help you in job interviews and things like that, when you need to persuade someone that you are the best possible person to fill a particular position.  With that being said, let’s take a look at some sample essay prompts of the persuasive variety.  These are easy little writing prompts, but they give you an idea of what you are doing.  Furthermore, because they are simple, you can easily do them in your own free time, thereby building up your persuasive skills.

Sample one: Your school board wants to take up a brand new technology initiated program.  They want to include two new computers in every classroom.  However, your teachers want to take two classrooms and turn them into computer rooms, so that students will have more access to individual computers.  The school board is worried about the cost and upkeep of this idea.  Which do you think is the better method?  Explain why in such a way that you could convince the school board and your teachers to go with your idea.

Sample two: A lot of kids in the fifth grade class think they should be allowed to stay up as late as they want.  Do you think this is true?  Explain why or why not.  Is there an alternative option?  Persuade the kids and/or their parents to do with your idea or solution.

Sample three: Kids begin smoking early these days.  Write a letter to the class describing why they need to stay away from cigarettes.

As you can also see, these persuasive essay prompts can be for students and for teachers.  You can also simply play a role when you are writing them.  There are a lot of samples out there and, truthfully, they can even help you come up with good term paper ideas, simply by showing you the kind of format and persuasion you need in your writing.

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    Thanks, guys, i finally understood why the teachers are torturing us with these persuasive essay prompts. I’m not really good at it. what would you recommend to do to improve?

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    I’m glad the article was helpful to you. To improve your persuasive skills, it’s recommended that you write persuasive essay prompts on your own once in a while. You can do it on random topics, or get some topics online and do some practicing.

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