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Economics Term Paper Topic

Some good economics term paper topics

As you must be aware of and as Wikipedia states, economics is the branch of study which deals with ‘the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services’. It is very interesting to study economics. But, be ready to deal with some really testing academic assignments in the subject, when you opt for it. Economics Research Papers are mostly research-based assignments which would expect you to address any of the prevailing issues in the field of economics. Choosing economics term paper topics can prove difficult as there are numerous good topics which are available for research.

Economics term paper topic samples

Nobody would be able to suggest a good topic for you without seeing the guidelines of the project. But the topics listed below might give you some good ideas regarding your choice.

1. You can choose to study any one of the great economists of all times. You will find many names in the list such as Adam Smith, David Ricardo, John Maynard Keynes, William Beveridge and so on.
2. Another option would be to analyze one of the economic theories or write a paper in relation to one of those. Some of the theories you can use are game theory, money supply theory, BOP theory strategy game theory and so on.
3. Studying the history of economics would be another excellent option of an economics term paper topic. Some examples are medieval economic history, Latin American economic history, German economic history, banking history and so on.
4. Nothing generates more interest in the audiences than a peep into the crises faced by a particular sector. The same applies to economics also. You can choose to find a research problem from under the great economic depressions, recessions, market crises, inflation and so on.
5. Studying the various stages recorded in the growth of economics would also be a good option of term paper topic. In this section you can consider topics like economic democracy, economic reforms of the various countries, economic developments of countries, business monopolies and so on.
6. There are other miscellaneous topics also which you can check out. Globalization, free market economy, job creation etc are some good topic options for an economics paper.
7. You can also choose to study economics and its influence on other areas of study like politics and sociology. You can consider digging into the possibilities of using economy to enhance or better the situation in other sectors. For example, you can do a study on, ‘Can smoking and alcohol consumption be brought down by imposing heavy taxes on them? Which all ways would it benefit the public? If yes, what can come in the way of imposing such a tax?’

Economics term paper topics must also be chosen with due regard to all the basic aspects like your interest in the topic and the guideline restrictions. If you need any help with your academic assignments we can help you. We offer help, not only with Research Papers but also, with analytical and persuasive essay outline formats, scholarship essay formats, general formatting of documents and so on. You may check out our samples section to find good examples of descriptive essays and term paper samples, for reference. We also offer custom research papers and Research Papers to students who wish to opt for it.

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