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Economics Term Paper Topic

Examples of good economics term paper topics

Economics is an interesting subject to study. The term paper assignments in the subject can also be handled in an interesting way if you put in a little effort. Making an economics term paper project an enjoyable affair is not impossible. You just need to have an interesting economics term paper topic to explore and an authentic thesis to work on. There is absolutely no dearth of research topics in economics. Hence, finding a good one would be easy enough if you know what you want and what your limitations are.

There are many options you can consider while looking around for a suitable topic for your economics term paper. But remember to take note of the guideline instructions regarding the topic. You need to find a topic which would fit into all the clauses mentioned in the guidelines.

Here are some suggestions regarding the topics which you can consider for your economics term paper.

Based on Economists

You may choose any one of the famous economists as your economics term paper topic. You will find many names under the list like:

• Adam Smith
• Alfred Marshall
• Thomas Robert Malthus
• William Stanley Jevons

Based on the theories

There are numerous theories regarding the various aspects of economics. If you can find an interesting thesis to work on, those theories would prove to be excellent economics term paper topics. To list some of them out, there is the:

• Theory of value
• Money supply theory
• Strategy game theory
• BOP theory

Based on historical events in economics

Numerous events have been recorded in the history of economics, due to the influence it has had on the economic situations in various countries. Some examples are:

• Economic depressions
• Economic recessions
• Economic breakdowns
• Economic reforms

Branches of economics

There are many branches and divisions of economics which you can study as the topic of your economics assignments. This would include:

• Economic geography
• Microeconomics
• Economic sociology
• Institutional economics

Based on various nations

You can also choose to study the economic history of any one of the numerous nations. You can consider:

• Japanese economic history
• Indian economic history
• British economic history
• American economic history

There are numerous topics which you can base your economics term paper on. All you need to ensure is that the topic you choose fulfills all the requirements of the project.

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