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The Basic Parts of a Term Paper

A term paper is a semester written project that can be in a form of either an essay or a structured research paper. Basically it intends to enhance or develop the skills of the students in the aspects of communication, resourcefulness and discipline. Now what are the parts of a term paper that you should know about? Let me give you the five basic parts necessary for this article.

1. The cover page is the first part of the term paper. Actually it does not contain anything about the topic you have selected. It is just a page that provides the title of your work as well as details about you as the writer. A standard term paper usually has a separate cover page before the main pages of the article.

2. The next part of a term paper is the introduction. This is integrated in the actual page structure of the project. You need to provide a background of the topic that you have written. In this paragraph, make sure that you provide details why the topic is important and what is to be expected in the contents of discussions. You also need to place the thesis statement at the introductory paragraph.

3. The third part of a term paper is the body. Actually you are not limited to using only one paragraph. Depending on the discussions of the topic, you can expand the number of body paragraphs indefinitely. Some research Research Papers for school will have to contain discussions like methodology, literature review or pictures and diagrams. But always make sure that the body can support the thesis statement in a way that you are proving it to be valid.

4. The fourth part of the term paper is the conclusion. This is the summary paragraph of the entire article. You can compress the main ideas in this part and make sure that the problem statement was solved by putting your answer in it.

5. The last part follows as the bibliography page. You can use our guide materials in the archives regarding the APA and MLA citation formats.

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