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Term Paper Title Page

The title page is just the same as what a cover page intends to do. Usually, we write Research Papers simply because we have the available instructions to do so. But have you ever received an instruction in writing the term paper title page? This is not a very complicated part of the term paper. Therefore, you should be able to build it in a few minutes. Let us give you the minimal details that you must include in the term paper cover page.

The term paper title page requires only a few things. The first one is the title of your term paper. This is the most important part of the page. You are simply putting a “name tag” to you project so that people will recognize it as yours. The title of the term paper should be simple, formal and catchy. Put this detail on the upper portion of the page in centered position.

The next detail is your name. As the author of the term paper, you deserve all the credits for it. You can simply put your name below the title of the term paper but not too close. The ideal place is the center of the page.

Lastly, the term paper title page should also contain the class details. You should include the section, academic year, your professor’s name and the date of submission. They can be written in a single block way below the title page.

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