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Research Paper Outline

We all know the fact that a beginner will not be able to write a term paper without an outline. Essentially, this plan is like a guiding material that will help the writer build a coherent and credible research paper. That is why a research paper outline should first be learned before trying to write any chapters of the Research Papers.

A research paper outline will be written in an effective way if you already have a plan or a goal in writing. Usually, students will simply write a term paper that comes from random thoughts without even preparing the topic interest or the true goal of writing such a paper. This will only lead to badly written research papers. As a suggestion, try to first have a goal in writing. You can choose in building argumentative papers or persuasive paper topic projects. This way, you will have a sense of direction.

A research paper outline is simply composed of few parts; the title, introduction paragraph, thesis statement, body paragraph discussions and the conclusion. Some students will beak down the body paragraphs into multiple segments which is not really a problem. Simply identify the sub-topics first so you can prepare what information to include.

In a formatted style, a research paper outline usually looks like this:

I. Title

II. Introduction

III. Thesis statement

IV. Body Paragraphs

1. Main topic

2. Sub topic

3. Sub topic

4. Sub topic

V. Conclusion

In a more extensive type of a research paper outline that approaches the characteristics of a developed dissertation, you may include parts like literature review and methodology. For a full research paper, a chapter called Data and Analysis will be needed.

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