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How to Create a Good Research Paper Cover Page

Everyone of us would like to be called by our names. This is the same thing that happens for most research papers. You may not realize it but Research Papers also need a name in order for them to be referred to efficiently. When we talk about the name tag of a term paper, we are actually talking about a research paper cover page.

A cover page of a research paper is literally the very first page of any research paper. What are the contents of a cover page? The research paper cover page is really very simple to create. Here are the details that you need to come up with:

Title of your term paper,

your name as an author,

your subject in class,

the academic term,

your professor’s name,

the date of submission.

Now the important thing that you have to consider is in the format and style of writing. Basic cover pages contain all of this info while others will have to add more details depending on the instructor’s preferences.

When you write the research paper cover page, the title is at the upper part of the page in the centered position. This is usually followed by the author’s name, in this case your name. Below the same centered position, the other details can then be written interchangeably. But usually, the details about the class and the subject are written first followed by the professor’s name and the date. Let me give you a simple illustration below:





Now that you know how to write a research paper cover page, you can start constructing your document. But if you need any assistance in writing argumentative papers or in getting examples of expository essays, then contact our reps today.

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