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Outline a Term Paper

A term paper is supposed to be the article that will expose certain info about a topic. In most cases, students regard a term paper as a reaction to a certain issue or topic. However, this is not always true. You can also write a term paper in research article format. Therefore, before you get started with the writing process, you should understand first how to outline a term paper. This way, you can easily manage your thoughts and plan ahead what you want to discuss in your paper. A sure way to learn how to write an outline is by visiting our articles in the Archives. However, do not worry we will discuss the same info here.

To outline a term paper means to create a plan of writing. The first thing that you need to address is the topic selection. This process may take a while to make. It is because not all topics are feasible for writing. There are some that are too technical or will require great effort to materialize. So how to we choose a great topic? Start with your passion. Build a list of subjects that you are already familiar with. This way, you can reduce the need for research. Second, the topic must be important. There should be sense in discussing it. Lastly, the subject should appeal to the readers. This way, you can attract more audience to participate in your written discussions.

The outline of any school papers will only have three major segments. The first one is the introduction. You probably know this part already. The paragraph outline can be partitioned into at least three parts. The first one is the essay hook, it will attract the readers to read the paper. The second part is the topic presentation; it will discuss the topic’s background. The last one is the main idea or the thesis statement.

The next phase of writing the outline involves the body paragraphs. What should we include in these parts? These are the main discussion parameters of the topic. You can partition the parts in any manner you want. Write an outline that will divide the topic according to different sub-topics. You can also have bullet paragraphs if you wish to enumerate certain sub-topics within the term paper.

The last part of the outline a term paper mission should be the conclusion. As you know, this will wrap up the entire discussion for the term paper topic. There are also three basic parts in a conclusion paragraph. The first one is the article summary. Next is the resolution to the problems statement. The last one may be optional which is a recommendation to the readers to further research on the topic.

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