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MLA Term Paper Format

Understanding the MLA term paper format

The MLA style of documentation is among the most commonly used styles for academic research papers. Students of almost all subjects get to use MLA style at least once during their academic period; and language and literature students use it for most of their assignments. Even though the Modern language Association of America developed the style with respect to the specific requirements of literature and humanities subjects, it is quite liberal and offers many formatting options. The MLA term paper format is quite easy and there are just a few points to be taken into account while formatting your term paper as per the specifications of this style.

The important points to note about the MLA style

While working on an MLA term paper, the guidelines must be studied carefully. Since most of the rules are flexible, the instructors have the liberty to choose the MLA term paper format options they prefer. If any specific alteration has been suggested in the guidelines, you are expected to adhere to it. The basic formatting rules set by the style are as follows:

1. The title page is not separated from the research paper; it occupies the top quarter of the first page of the research paper. The name of the author, the course title, the name of the professor and the date of submission appear on the top left corner; the surname of the author and page number on the top right hand corner. The title is to be types, centrally aligned, two spaces below the last line of the information listed above.

2. The sources are to be cited within the text using the (author, page) format. The ‘author’ stands for the surname of the author and the ‘page’ refers to the page number. There should also be a separate bibliography section which begins on a fresh page. The bibliography section must be given the heading of ‘Works Cited’; the details are to be organized alphabetically as per the surnames of the authors. The in-text citations should perfectly tally with the details given in the bibliography section. Any extra information is to be given using content notes or end notes.

3. Times New Roman or any such formal fonts may be used for your MLA style term paper. The font size suggested by the MLA term paper format is that of 10-12pt. The margins are to be of one inch on all sides and the typing, double-spaced. While using fonts, margins, spacing etc, remember that page formatting is meant to make it easier for the reader to read through. So avoid using fancy fonts and always remember to double-space the lines.

While preparing a paper as per the MLA term paper format, you must pay attention to the specifications suggested in your guidelines. Proof read the document more than once to ensure that all the citations are in place. If you wish to avail of professional assistance with the formatting of your paper, we can help you. We offer help with all academic assignments starting from middle school and high school Research Papers. We also offer help with research topics and ideas in all subjects. This includes literature topics, science topics, math topics, history term paper topics and so on. We also offer good research paper samples, term paper samples, sample expository essays etc for reference purposes.

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