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MLA Research Paper: Bibliography Entry

A term paper can always be considered as an MLA research paper if it follows the principles of the Modern Language Association’s structure of writing. Are you having a hard time understand this kind of writing system? Then let us give you some info how you can put the entries in the bibliography page in the correct order.

An MLA research paper format does not need to be applied on a particular writing goal. You can use it in writing argumentative research paper topics, persuasive paper topics or even in a narrative article. However, when it comes to subject, the MLA is usually used for humanities, social science, politics and the arts. But still, it is a flexible type of citation system so you are better off utilizing it for other topic interests.

Now, the first thing that you need to do is to collect the details that you will be using for the bibliography page or the Works Cited page as named by the MLA format. The details should include the Authors’ full name, the date of publication, the title of his work, the city where it was published and sometimes the page numbers of the part where you will be extracting the referenced sentence.

There is a bit difference in putting the entries for the MLA compared to the APA format. The author’s full name is provided in each entry unlike in APA where the first name is represented only by the first letter. However, the remaining parts and sequence are very similar in structure for both citation schemes. Take a look below at sample entries for an MLA research paper:

Miller, Ronald. “Who are the Americans.”
The American History15 (1915): 300-391.

De Torres, Cindy. Everyday Poetry. Atlanta: Public
Press, 1945.

Sidan, Neil and John Peters. Literacy in Asia.
Manila: Daim Press, 1950.

An MLA research paper also has particular instructions to be followed when it comes to pagination and in-text citation. But let us save the details for other articles in this blogsite. If you need more help about writing interesting research paper topics or assistance in proofreading your articles apart from correct citation writing, simply visit this site frequently.

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