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APA Format Research Paper

One of the basic types of a research paper format is the APA format research paper. There are many other types of term paper systems of writing but the one being used for most science based research papers is in the form structured by the American Psychological Association. But what is the main characteristic of an APA format document?

There are many interesting research paper topics that you can think of. If you are going to deal with subjects like computers, biology, physics and chemistry, then you need to systematically compose a paper following the APA style. Also, the style of approach can be applied to your writing scheme if you are going to use this system. From argumentative research paper topics to persuasive paper topics, the application of principles will just be the same.

One of the striking characteristic of an APA format research paper is that you can use in-text citation. If you are going to quote a sentence coming from an outside source, you can simply put it inside a block quotation and then put the name of the author and the date of the publication after the sentence. This is usually done by enclosing the info in a parenthesis. Please take note that you can only use block quotation if you are going to use 40 word or more. You need not use quotation marks to do this but indent the whole block 0.5 inch from the left margin. You can see a sample below.

When we say format, it may refer to the structure or technical aspects of

writing an article. However, one more definition of format is the approach and

the style of an article. You may be writing an argumentative paper which will

lead to finding argumentative research paper topics (Potter, 2002).

In terms of writing the bibliography page, you need to include the name of the author, the date of publication, title of the work and the source where you retrieved the cited sentence. Argumentative papers and examples of expository essays can be recognized as the basic sets of this structure.

Lastly, an APA format research paper has a pagination style that includes the title of your work followed by the page number. You need to put this detail at the upper right hand corner of each page in your document.

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