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Types of Research Papers

Understanding the objective of each type of research paper

The key to writing a good research paper is a perfect and complete understanding of the nature and objective of the particular type of research paper you are handling. Combine it with an interesting topic and an original thesis and nothing will stop you from preparing an outstanding project. The specifications of academic assignments depend on the subject area and the level of education. Hence, you should be able to gather a rough idea of what kind of assignments you would be handling and also what the guidelines might be like.

Identifying the nature of research

One of the first points to note about a research paper assignment is the nature of study. The topic, the thesis, the methodology, the sources etc will have to be chosen with respect to that. All types of research papers work towards developing the students’ independent knowledge seeking skills and their ability to follow an organized method of finding and compiling information. Yet, the objective of each assignment would be different and the nature of study will vary accordingly.

Some of the commonly assigned types of papers in academia are:

• Argumentative: Aims at taking a stance in an issue and proving the same using strong evidence. The key features of the assignment include persuasive tone of writing and the use of highly credible sources.

• Analytical: Research papers of this type work towards analyzing the features of the topic to reach a conclusion about it. The topic will have to be completely covered and a detailed analytical report included in the paper. The methodology is very important and must be detailed in an analytical paper.

• Definition: Studies the topic to put together a fair definition of the same. The definition must address the specific characteristics of the topic. Students tend to confuse between definition and descriptive research papers. The confusion can be avoided if you take note of the fact that a definition is usually contained in one line and touches upon the most specific features of the topic only.

• Descriptive: Describes the topic in such detail that the reader can visualize the idea than read about it. Extensive descriptions which touch upon the specific as well as general characteristics of the topic are the main feature of this type of research paper.

• Expository: The objective of this assignment is to bring the unknown facts about a topic to light. In other words, it works towards exposing the hidden aspects of the topic. Impassive tone of writing is ideal for this type of paper. You are not asked to offer your opinion. You just have to state the fresh facts which you discovered about the topic.

Facing academic research papers

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