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Topics for a Research Paper

Differentiating between a good topic and suitable topic for a research paper

A research paper is only as good as its topic. There are those who can write interesting research papers even out of boring topics but even they will not be able to use just any one that comes by. There are many aspects which must be considered and parameters to be maintained when it comes to research paper writing. And not all topics can be used for all assignments alike. In order to understand why, you must know what properties qualify topics for a research paper as good and what makes them suitable for a specific project.

Interesting research topics

A topic gets listed for research when it poses a problem for which no solution is available. Research topic lists get updated at regular intervals. Some topics get eliminated from the list once it gets solved satisfactorily and some new topics find their way into the lists. Some topics remain unsolved even after years. A few of them retain their demand whereas the rest of them lose their scope as it would be too late for it to make a difference. Every time you look around for a topic for a research paper, you must remember that a topic which has lost its scope and is irrelevant in the subject area cannot lay the base for an interesting research paper. An interesting topic is one which is still in high demand and which focuses on the specific branch of the subject you are handling. The appeal of the topic also depends a lot on the intellectual level of the audience you are addressing. Simple topics may not appeal to a sophisticated group of audience and complex topics might not sound interesting to those who are not knowledgeable enough to follow them.

Suitable research topics

Now, we have just talked about good or interesting topics. Are all good topics suitable for all research papers? They certainly aren’t. There are many factors which influence the suitability of topics for a research paper project. In order to be able to spot the best one of all, a shortlist must be made of topics which will suit your project requirements from those which initially appeal to you. The shortlisted topics must:

• Fit into all the specifications mentioned in the project guidelines.
• Fall into the specified subject area of research.
• Suit your interests and be at least slightly familiar to you.
• Offer enough matter to fill the minimum page length required for the paper.
• Be suitable for the proposed audience.
• Easy enough to be handled comfortably within the given time.

Professional assistance

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