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Sociology Research Paper Format

The important features of the sociology research paper format

Sociology research papers are usually documented in the APA style which was developed by the American Psychological Association. The American Sociological Association developed the ASA style for research data in sociology but as it is quite similar to the APA style, academic research papers in sociology are documented as per the APA style guidelines. If you are a sociology student, you must ideally learn the nature and unique features of the APA style as it is the accepted sociology research paper format in academia.

Writing an interesting sociology research paper

Each subject has its own specific methods for research and presentation. While studying sociology, you must have a thorough grasp of what all specific requirements accompany sociology researches and the sociology research paper format. Some of the important points to note while preparing a sociology paper are:

• Choose your topic and thesis with respect to your interests and the specifications of the project which includes the subject area, the type of research paper and the deadline.

• Find the right methodology for research on your topic. Even though most sociology researches require qualitative research, some require a combination of qualitative and quantitative methods.

• Choose your sources wisely. Credible sources can add credibility to your paper and make it look more impressive.

• Plan your research well. While doing research on a sociology topic, you will be dealing with many sectors of society and people and due to the involvement of external volunteers your research can get delayed.

Understanding the format for sociology research papers

The sociology research paper format, which is almost always the APA style, requires you to:

• Use in-text citations in the ‘(author date)’ format. The surname of the author and the date of publication of the source are to be given in parentheses, next to the cited information.

• Include a running head on the title page and all the consequent pages. The running head would be a part of the complete title which conveys the content of the paper. It must appear on the top right hand corner of all the pages, alongside the page number.

• Use footnotes if you wish to give any additional information to the readers, or the audience, on any part of the text.

• Include a separate bibliography section, organized as per the alphabetical order of the surnames of the authors, titled ‘References’. This section must contain all the details of the sources.

• Use one-inch margins on all sides and use double spaced typing. The font must ideally be Times New Roman; 10 – 12pt.

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