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Science Research Paper Format

Understanding the science research paper format and its specifications

Science research papers work on proven facts and solid evidence. The science research paper format has been set with regard to the importance it gives to the direct statement of facts. Writing out a science research paper in an effective manner can be quite a challenge as, in science assignments, you are expected to say more with fewer words. Even though you might not need to know how to play with words, you will need to proficient enough in the language, to write a science research paper.

Points to note about the format for science papers

The structural frame of a science research paper differs slightly from that of arts subjects. This owes to the fact that, in arts and humanities more importance is given to the research findings whereas in science, the method and the results are equally significant. The science research paper format emphasizes on the importance of the procedure which gave the projected results.The components of a science research paper are as follows.

1. The title page: As in any other subject, the title page gives information on the paper. The title must be one which clearly conveys the purpose of the research. Avoid using phrases like ‘an in-depth study of’ or ‘a research into’. It is obvious enough that a research paper does an in-depth study of the topic.

2. The abstract: It is a summary of your paper with reference to all the significant elements including the topic, the thesis and the methodology. An abstract should be contained in 200 – 250 words or less. Do not elaborate on any points. Those who wish to go through an elaborated discussion can read through your paper. The results must also be included in an abstract along with new research problems related to your topic.

3. Introduction: Introduce the topic with reference to its scope in the subject area. Briefly mention the methods used for research and state your theory.

4. Materials and methods: One of the most important components of the science research paper format, this section lists out the instruments and specimen used for research as it matters a lot while establishing a scientific fact. The term ‘materials’ stand for the tools or research materials, other than the normal laboratory equipments, which you used for your experiments.

5. Results: A very precise and matter of fact declaration of the results of your research. Ensure that the data provided in this section tallies with those given in the previous sections.

6. Discussion: In this section, you discuss your research findings elaborately. If your hypothesis is different from the research results, you must explain how that happened. Talk about how the methodology and the instruments you used complimented the research and helped in accomplishing the objective of your research.

Professional documentation of research

The science research paper format is simple enough to understand and follow once you get a grasp of the purposes of its structural components. All the same, if you wish to get professional assistance with the documentation of your research data, we can assist you. We offer assistance with all assignments starting from middle and high school Research Papers to scholarly papers. Whether you are struggling with a science research topic or a history term paper topic, we shall be able to assist you. We can also offer you good research paper examples, sample expository essays and other academic writing samples.

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