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Research Proposal Format

Understanding the research proposal format and its specifications

A research proposal is submitted for the purpose of attaining permission, from the authorities, to carry out research on a particular topic. The decision of the authorities depends on various factors. If you take note of those factors which form the criteria of evaluation of a research proposal, you will be able to prepare your proposal with regard to those aspects. Even though the research proposal is an optional component for academic research papers, teachers try to include it to give the students an idea of the research proposal format and presentation style.

The main points to be included in a research proposal

If the objective of a research proposal is to get permission to conduct a research, your aim is to make your proposal look good enough to be accepted. The authorities would depend fully on the information given in your proposal to evaluate the feasibility of granting permission. Hence, it is important that all aspects of the research, negative and positive, are covered in your proposal. Even though there is no fixed research proposal format which applies to all proposals alike, there are certain elements which are expected to be included in all research paper proposals.

1. Introduce your topic well. Explain what the topic is exactly about and how generalized or narrow your focus would be. Discuss the scope of the topic in the subject area to emphasize on the importance of the proposed research. Mention the nature of research – whether it would be analytical, argumentative or expository.

2. State the hypothesis. At the stage of submitting the proposal, your hypothesis is yet to take the form of an established theory. Hence, state your hypothesis clearly and confidently but without imposing authority. Contain the thesis in one sentence and make sure that it clearly communicates your theory.

3. List out the sources, methodology and tools you are planning to use. If you wish to change your sources later, you can do so. The methodology suggested should more or less remain the same, even though changes are permissible in certain situations.

4. Include information on how much time you expect the research to take. Give an approximate idea of how much you expect the research to cost. Time and cost are important elements of the research proposal format. Again, these figures need not be accurate but it should not go much higher than proposed, at any cost. Explain to the authorities how you qualify for the task. Your previous achievements in the subject area, your knowledge of the topic and your previous experience, if any, in the research field would count.

5. Discuss the risk factors. Also mention the possibilities of failure. Not mentioning the risks would make your proposal sound far-fetched and too good to be practical. But make the risks sound insignificant compared to the prospect of success of research.

Availing of professional assistance

As a research proposal is a document of such high importance, you must never take a chance with it. If you are not sure of the research proposal format and wish to get assistance with the same, we shall be able to help you. We offer help with everything starting from computer Research Papers, literature research papers and math papers to technology Research Papers and science papers. We also help students with the outlines for research papers and formatting of completed papers. You can also opt to get a custom research paper prepared as per the specifications of your assignment.

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