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Research Paper Topic Idea

Some good research paper topic ideas

Most students find it extremely difficult to pass through the initial stage of research paper writing, which is that of cracking a good research paper topic idea. There are numerous topics available for research but you cannot just pick any topic randomly as there are so many factors which need to be considered. There will be such times when you will not be able to crack any idea for long periods of time. But there is no need to worry. The best way to crack an idea for a research paper project is to let your mind wander freely through whatever you have learned so far. Maintaining a relaxed frame of mind is the most ideal way to conceive a research paper idea.

Some samples of research paper topic ideas

There are many ideas which you can choose from the available research paper topics in your subject. But, remember to consider the deadline and the guideline instructions before you finalize your choice. Listed below are some samples of research topic ideas.

Women liberation:

1. What are the causes behind the continuous failure of women liberation movements?
2. Is women liberation the best solution for the problems women face in the society?
3. What all problems are addressed through women liberation and what all must be included?
4. Are the problems faced by women, region specific? Or is it the same everywhere?

Death penalty:

1. Is it justified that women, in many nations, are exempted from death penalty?
2. Are the current methods, used for executing death sentence, the best ones?
3. Should or shouldn’t rapists be given death penalty as rape is as heinous a crime as murder itself?
4. How can the families, of those who receive death penalty, be assisted in coping with the situation?


1. Should a cordial relationship between teachers and students be promoted?
2. Will it help students to have an internationally accepted language medium for education?
3. Are the assessment methods in high schools good enough to prepare the students to advance into the next level of education?
4. Will it help students with special needs to be allowed to mingle with normal students under supervision?

These are just some examples of research paper topic ideas which you can consider for your research paper. But remember that you will need to find a good thesis also, on your topic, to work on. An impressive thesis is absolutely necessary to complement an interesting topic.

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