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Research Paper Topic Example

Some simple but good research paper topic examples

There are many students who find it difficult to identify a suitable topic for their research paper projects. It is quite justified when you consider all the restrictions and specifications which come with the topic guidelines. It can, indeed, prove a bit difficult to find an interesting topic which fits into each and every one of the project guidelines. But considering the influence the research topic has on the outcome of your paper, it would not be wise to compromise on your choice either. The best way to get good topic ideas for your paper is to keep your mind open to the research paper topic examples and tips given out during lectures and also to the day-to-day conversations among your friends and acquaintances.

Research paper topic samples for reference

There is no dearth of research topics in any subject; but that, ironically, makes it a more difficult task to identify the best one. Whether you are looking for global warming research paper topic ideas, controversial paper topics or process paper topics, you will find a huge array of options to choose from. Listed below are some general research paper topic examples which would give you an idea of what kind of topic ideas you can consider, for your research paper.

• Is it justified that all natural calamities are attributed to global warming? Explain your view.
• Critically analyze the punishment given to rapists or those who run sex trafficking rackets.
• Are women, in any way, responsible for the rising number of domestic violence cases?
• A comparative study of the medical practices, the methods and its results in Ayurveda and Allopathy.
• Is it right that, in some countries, women are exempted of death penalty, irrespective of the seriousness of the crime committed?
• How does the mythology of a region affect its social stature?
• Analyze the ways in which domestic violence can affect a child’s mental development.
• Can it give better results if children with special needs, who don’t exhibit traces of violence, are allowed to mingle with normal children?

Each of the educational subjects offers a variety of topics from its various sections.

• Literature offers topics which focus on poets, authors, works, the history of literature and so on.
• Economy offers topics on economic theories, economists, economic breakdowns or breakthroughs and so on.
• In medical science you will find topics which focus on illnesses, medicines and their effects and side effects and so on.
• In history you will find topics which ask for evidence against historical facts and events and those which require you to venture back in time to bring out fresh historical facts.

If you find a research paper topic example which appeals to you, before choosing it, ascertain whether it would be suitable for your project. A good topic is that which fits into the project guidelines and which appeals to you and your proposed audience.

If you wish to get a good research paper topic example which would sit all your requirements, let us know. We offer help with all stages of research paper writing including that of the choice of a good topic, the preparation of term paper outlines, editing, formatting and proofreading of the documents. We also offer outstanding custom research papers which are prepared to suit the specifications of each project.

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