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Research Paper Table of Contents

How to prepare the research paper table of contents section

Out of the many optional contents of a research paper is the table of contents page. This section is optional and is included only in lengthy documents. The main objective of the section is to give the readers an idea of the contents. It also makes it possible for them to skip the rest of the paper and move directly to the information they are seeking. The research paper table of contents section must be appropriately organized and formatted.

Planning the table of contents section

Only lengthy research papers require a table of contents page as short research papers are easy enough to read through. If a reader wants to know where to look for a particular piece of information, inside your paper, he will naturally search for an index where all the sections are listed. Hence, it is important that a research paper table of contents section is well-organized and neatly presented. In order to prepare and organize the section easily, you need to first decide on what all needs to be included in the section.

As each research project is formatted in a different way, the table of contents section can be framed only after you complete the research paper. If you have a research outline ready, you can use that as well, to prepare your research paper table of contents section. If your research project needs a table of contents, you will know it beforehand. In such cases, you can prepare a structural outline for research paper and highlight the titles and sub headings of each section. Later on, you can use the same to identify the sections and sub sections which must be included in your table of contents section.

The points to be included in a table of contents

The table of contents section format is to be decided with respect to the subject and type and length of the research paper. A research paper which is too long will require a table of contents which includes all the small sections as well. But if it is a relatively shorter one, then you can just include the headings of the main sections or chapters in the table of contents. Remember to number the section accurately as your readers would depend on it a lot. It would neither be very impressive nor useful, if the information listed in a research paper table of contents is not accurate enough.

Getting assistance with the table of contents

There are various software programs which contain formatting options for research paper table of contents as well. But as it is a pre-defined program, you would not be able to add a personal touch to your table of contents using that option. If you wish to get professional assistance with any part of your research paper, you may let us know. We have highly qualified academic writers to help students with all their academic projects including computer Research Papers, science research papers, math papers and technology Research Papers. You can also opt to get a custom research paper prepared by our writers, as per the specifications of your assignment.

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