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Research Paper Steps

Understanding the significance of each of the research paper steps

Research paper writing is a very long process which involves two main stages – researching and documenting. As is the case of all long-winded procedures, research paper writing must ideally be handled in an organized manner. Each one of the various research paper steps are equally important and has to be dealt with, carefully. Even though it is not mandatory to follow any specific method to frame a research paper, there are certain methods which give better results than the others.

The various steps involved in research paper writing

One of the most important points to note about research paper writing is that it may not always go as scheduled even if you put in your best towards it. But good planning certainly helps to a big extent. If you prepare a time sheet with respect to each of the research paper steps, you shall be able to work on your project more comfortably and efficiently than how you would, without a time sheet. The basic stages involved in the making of a research paper include:

• Choosing the topic and the thesis: Find a topic which has high scope in the research area. It must suit your interests as well as the intellectual level of the audience you are addressing. The thesis must be an original one and must have good practical application value.

• Identifying the sources and methodology: Good sources are those which are relevant and credible enough to add credibility to your argument. The methodology you choose is equally important. Only the most appropriate methodology would yield the expected results. Hence, figure out the most suitable methodology for research on your topic and identify the research tools, in advance.

• Conducting the research and outlining: Try to stick to the schedule. Do not give in to procrastination. Once you have enough data in hand, prepare the outline of your paper. The research outline will help you in ensuring that the points are organized in the most legible manner.

• Drafting: Developing the outline into a rough draft, is the next step. A rough draft developed from an outline would be almost as good as the final draft. You will not have too many changes to make in that, while editing.

• Editing and proof reading: The rough draft must be edited and proofread before submission to ensure that there are no grammatical, structural, punctuation or spelling mistakes present in it.

Students often tend to omit research paper steps like outlining, editing, proofreading etc. But if you wish to prepare an impressive and effective research paper, it would be better to carry out these tasks one by one without skipping any of them.

Professional assistance with research paper writing

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