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Research Paper Outline (MLA Format)

The fundamental features of research paper outlines (MLA format)

Modern Language Association of America developed the MLA format to suit the documentation requirements of research data in the subject area of language and literature. It has been designed in the simplest possible manner to give enough liberty to the authors of the research papers in literature. This is with respect to the fact that effective and impressive writing, in literature, requires the authors to have enough freedom of thought and expression. The simplicity and flexibility of the format would be apparent if you go through a research paper outline (MLA format).

The prominent features of MLA style documentation

MLA style, even though developed for language and literature subjects, has become one of the most commonly used styles of documentation for academic research papers. This is due to the simple and flexible nature of the MLA format. There are many features which are preferred by the MLA style. All the same, it offers a variety of other formatting options also to suit the specifications of other subjects. If you are working on an MLA format paper, you must study the guidelines to see if there are any specific formatting requirements mentioned in it. If not, you may follow the basic MLA style guidelines which would be explained in the latest edition of the MLA manual of style. The specifications of a basic research paper outline (MLA format) would be as follows:

• The title page which is a part of the first page of the main document.
• In-text citations which are formatted as per the (author, page) format.
• Bibliography section which begins on a fresh page with the heading of ‘Works Cited’.
• Content notes which provide additional information on various parts of the text.
• Times New Roman or any of the other fonts used for formal documentation, in 10-12pt font size.
• Double spaced typing throughout the paper and 1 inch margins on all sides.

Working on an MLA style paper

Even though the research paper outlines (MLA format) are simple and flexible, ironically, its flexibility often becomes the cause of confusion for students. The instructors are at liberty to choose whichever option they prefer for the documentation of the research papers they assign to students. Sometimes, the guidelines are quite straight-forward, asking the students to follow the style guidelines. But there are also cases where the instructors ask for alterations in formatting like a separate title page or the use of footnotes. Hence, the guidelines must be studied carefully and all doubts clarified completely before you start formatting your paper in MLA style.

Getting research papers formatted professionally

If you are not confident about applying the research paper or term paper format yourself, let us know. You can either get research paper outlines (MLA format) prepared for you by our professional academic writers or get your research paper formatted by them. We also offer research outline templates which fulfill the specifications of the project. We assist students with everything starting from research paper topics, term paper topics, process paper ideas and so on. We also provide custom writing services in all subjects and levels of education.

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