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Research Paper Outline (APA Format)

What to know about research paper outlines (APA format)

The APA format is mostly used for the documentation of research papers in sociology, psychology etc. There are various features which set this style apart from the rest of the documentation styles. If you are a sociology student or if you know that your instructor prefers the use of this documentation style, you must try to learn, by heart, the specifications of the APA style. Once you get an idea of the research paper outline (APA format), you will be able to save a lot of time while formatting the APA style assignments.

The specifications of the APA format

The APA format has laid out many specifications regarding the formatting of the papers. These rules are updated on a regular basis to suit the changing needs of the research field. It is always advisable to refer to the latest edition of APA style manual to ensure that your idea of the research paper outline (APA format) is not an outdated one. In addition to that, you must also refer to the guidelines of your project to see if there are any specific instructions regarding the formatting of the paper.

When it comes to academic research papers, the instructors enjoy a lot of freedom with the formatting of the documents. Hence, the instructions given the guidelines count above everything else. You will have to determine the appropriate formatting method with respect to the guidelines as well as the instructions in the APA style manual. If you check out examples of research paper outlines (APA format), you will find that there are many features which are unique to the APA style.

The use of a running head

In order to pick the perfect running-head for your APA style research paper, you must understand what it is. The running head is a part of the title, which makes complete sense while standing on its own. It might sound a bit confusing but if you check out a few samples, you will be able to gather an accurate idea of the concept. The running head appears on the title page and all the consecutive pages, alongside the page number and consists of the generalized part of the title. For example, if your title is “The healing effects of musical therapy on a cancer patient”, the running-head would be “The healing effects of musical therapy”.

The in-text referencing format

The APA style prefers the use of the (author, date) system for citing sources within the text. The surname of the author and the date of publishing are enclosed in parenthesis and placed right after the cited information. Please note that APA format strictly forbids the use of footnotes for in-text referencing. Footnotes are to be used only for the purpose of providing additional information regarding any part of the text, to the reader.

Professional formatting

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