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Research Paper Literature Review

How to prepare research paper literature reviews

Even though research paper literature reviews are not included in all academic papers, there are many instructors who demand literature reviews for all the projects they assign to their students. A literature review is a summary of all the relevant researches done on that topic, till date. It works as a source of information on the past efforts of research on the topic and helps the readers follow the matter discussed in the paper. It is necessary for all students to have the basic knowledge of a literature review, as most scholarly research papers ask for it.

The purpose of a literature review

There are many students who are clueless about what all must or must not go into a research paper literature review. This results in poorly prepared reviews which don’t serve any purpose at all. Research papers are highly formal documents and there is no component in it which is any less important than the rest. The purpose of the literature review section of a research paper is to give the audience an overview of the previous studies conducted on the topic. It also offers the reader the privilege of evaluating the scope of the topic and the level of progress it has achieved over the years. It is mostly placed right after the title page. That adds to its significance as the readers often tend to judge the author’s abilities and credibility by the material they have gathered towards the literature review.

Preparing an impressive literature review

The literature review is usually a short section which precedes the research paper. The content matter depends on the subject as well as the nature of your research paper. But there are certain aspects which apply to all literature reviews alike. By taking note of those points, you would be able to ensure that your research paper literature review is one that complements your research paper.

• Do not elaborate on any of the points in your literature review. It is only meant to update the readers on the research status of your topic.
• Do not opine about any of the matters mentioned in the literature review. Your opinion does not count in this section.
• There should be no critical remarks in a review. It must be written in an impassive tone.
• It must not look like an elaborate version of your bibliography. A literature review must be structured using an introduction, body paragraphs and a conclusion.
• Do not mention your research plans in the review section. The review is about what has been going on about the topic till you started your work.

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