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Research Paper Introduction Samples

Identify a good research paper introduction sample for reference

A research paper is made up of various components, each of which plays a significant role in the presentation of the matter. Some of those components are mandatory whereas some others are optional. The mandatory components are the title page, the introduction, a minimum of three body paragraphs, the conclusion and the bibliography section. The research paper introduction is the first paragraph of the research paper and plays a significant role in helping the audience follow the paper. If you are new to research paper writing, you must go through some good research paper introduction samples to get an idea of the different methods of framing an introduction.

What to be considered while framing an introduction

If you pick research paper introduction samples from different subjects, you will find that not all of them follow the same format. That is because there are many factors which influence the introduction format. You will have to consider all those aspects before you frame your introduction. An inappropriately framed introduction can work against the appeal of your research paper. Out of the various factors to be considered while preparing a research paper introduction, the most important ones are:

• The specifications of the topic: Is it an argumentative topic or an analytical one? Each type of topic requires a different kind of introduction.

• The page limit of the paper: The length of the introduction must be in proportion to the length of the completed document.

• The intellectual level of the proposed audience: For audience who match the level of intellect at which you are doing the research, you can make do with a short introduction. But if they are of a lower level, you will need to explain the matter more.

• The other components: Some research projects ask for a separate literature review, methodology chapter etc. In such cases, your introduction need not touch upon those aspects again. If not, your introduction must include a very precise version of the omitted components as well.

Referring to a research paper sample

Choose your samples carefully as only a good sample would give you an accurate idea of how to frame a research paper introduction. But while referring to samples, remember that samples are meant only for reference purposes. It won’t be a good idea to follow a research paper introduction sample blindly. It might not suit your topic or the objective of your paper. You must prepare your introduction in a way that suits your project. It must not only introduce your topic to the audience but also generate enough curiosity in them to go through the entire paper.

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