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Research Paper Grading Rubric

Understanding research paper grading rubrics

For students who are new to research paper writing, assignments of that nature look confusing. With so many clauses, conditions, rules and restrictions, research paper projects seem unbelievably difficult. There are many ways of speeding up the process of understanding the nature and specifications of research papers. Referring to research paper samples, studying good research paper guides and taking advice from knowledgeable people are just some of them. If you have been given a research paper grading rubric by your teacher, it will prove a very helpful tool for grasping the concept.

The basic research paper grading rubric

Even though each research paper project has a different objective, the grading rubric remains, more or less, the same. There might be minor differences depending on the teacher’s personal views. But if you have not been given a rubric for your research project, there is no harm in using some other research paper grading rubrics for reference. Just make sure that the rubrics which you belong to your own subject area because the changes in the grading pattern are usually pertaining to the subject area.

There are certain points, which are included in all grading rubrics for research papers, which form the base of the criteria of judging a research paper submission. Those can be listed as follows:

1. The guidelines: There would be numerous instructions in the guidelines of the project regarding the framing of the paper. The level to which you have managed to adhere to the guidelines would be used as one of the grading criteria.

2. The objective: The thesis is the focal point of a research paper as well as its base. Hence, the main objective of a research paper project is to prove the thesis stated in the introduction. A particular percentage of your grades would depend on how far you have managed to fulfill this objective.

3. The content: The amount of relevant information which you have managed to gather would be used as a decisive factor for grading your paper. Digressions from the main topic, accidental or deliberate, can take points off your paper.

4. The sources: There are many types of sources which are available for reference. The credibility, reliability and relevance of the sources you use would be used as one of the points in the research paper grading rubric.

5. The presentation: The research paper or term paper format is among the most vital elements of research paper writing. The structure, the citation methods, the spacing, the margins and the font would also be a part of your rubric.

Research papers are graded based on the various aspects which are related to the project. But the above mentioned factors are considered as important for research papers in subjects. Using outlines for research papers help you in meeting many of the above mentioned aspects.

Research paper grading rubrics are very helpful in understanding the judging criteria of research paper projects. But you might find it a bit difficult to follow when you are still new to research paper writing. If you need any further help with your research papers, we will be glad to assist you. We have some good examples of APA format papers, college Research Papers, research papers and expository essays on our website which you may use for reference. We also offer custom research papers in all subjects.

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