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Research Paper Format Title Page

Figuring out how in research paper format title pages are presented

In research paper format title pages also require enough attention. It is the first page of the document and hence, works as the factor which creates the first impression. Since there is nothing much that can go wrong in a research paper title page, all instructors expect it to be perfectly framed. Failing to do so would not only create a negative impression but also give away the impression that you have not taken enough trouble towards the project.

Formatting the title page of a research paper

Most students take the title page too lightly as there are just a few pieces of information which appears on the title page unlike the long and complex research papers. But remember that while working on the research paper format title page also must be given equal importance. The pieces of information stated on the title page include:

• The name of the author
• The title of the document
• The course title or the subject area
• The name of the professor or the instructor
• The date of submission

These are mandatory elements of all research paper title pages; what changes is the method of presentation of the matter.

The specifications applicable to the title pages in the various documentation styles

Since the title page is among the simplest parts of a research paper, it is easy enough to frame it well if you try to remember how in your research paper format title page must be presented.

• The APA style employs the use of a running head in addition to the information mentioned above. A running head is a part of the complete title; which consists of the most essential part of the title; which conveys the content matter adequately and makes complete sense while standing on its own. For example, if the title is “The causes behind the rising fetal mortality rate in under-developed nations and the possible solutions”, the running head should ideally be “fetal mortality rate in under developed nations”. You need not include the rest of the title in the running head as it is only meant to convey what the study is focused on.

• The MLA style prefers the title page information to be included in the top quarter of the first page of the research paper. The name of the author, the course title, the name of the professor and the date of submission are to be printed double-spaced on the top left hand corner. Leaving two spaces below that, you may type the title. And the research paper may start right below the title. If your professor asks for a separate title page, MLA has an option for that as well.

While applying research paper format title pages must not be ignored; even though rather simple in nature, they are as significant as any other part of your paper. If you need any help with your research paper formatting or with any other part of your research paper, you may let us know. Whether you need assistance with your persuasive essay outline format, essay format, research paper format or your scholarship essay format, we can help you. Or if you are looking for a good example of descriptive essay or any other academic document, we can help you there as well. Our custom research papers are among the best in the industry and are tailored to suit individual preferences and project specifications.

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