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Research Paper Citation

How to do research paper citations appropriately

Even though there is widespread awareness in today’s world, about plagiarism and its consequences, many students still fall prey to it. Most students don’t realize that inadequately cited papers also get counted as plagiarized ones. It might not be a deliberate act but it can still mar their academic records forever. The best way to avoid such a situation is to ensure that you have cited all the sources as per the research paper citation format suggested in the project guidelines.

How to avoid plagiarism charges

It is quite natural to accidentally miss out sources while you are using too many of them for reference. Moreover, research is often a rather long-winded and tedious procedure which leaves the students drained by the time they start writing out the paper. That causes them to accidentally leave out sources, in the bibliography list. Such a situation can be avoided easily using any of the following techniques.

1. Stay organized from the beginning till the end. Use a time sheet and keep aside some time to prepare the bibliography section of your research paper.

2. Use outlines for research papers in all subjects. Since the outline is prepared right after your research, you will be able to remember the sources more clearly than how you would after you write out the paper.

3. Note down the information and the bibliography details, in a separate sheet, as and when you pick them for your research paper. This will help you keep track of the sources and the exact details.

4. Check the in-text citations and bibliography section also while editing and proofreading your paper.

The various citation formats for research papers

Whether you are working on a computer term paper, a literature research paper, a math paper or a technology term paper, it is important to follow the given format for research paper citations. All documentation styles ask for two types of citations – one within the text and the other in a separate bibliography section. The in-text citations are usually kept short and are meant to help the readers link the cited information to the sources cited in detail, in the bibliography section. The commonly used in-text research paper citation formats are as follows:

1. The author-date system: Used by the APA and Chicago styles, this system requires you to include the surname of the author and the year of publishing within brackets next to the cited portion.

2. The author-page method: This format is used by the MLA style. You are expected to give the surname of the author and the page number of the article in brackets next to the cited information.

3. Footnotes: Preferred by the Chicago style, the footnotes appear at the bottom of the pages on which the cited information has been used. A footnote would include ‘full name of the author, title, (place of publishing: publisher, year of publishing), page number.

4. End notes: Appears at the end of each section, or chapter, of the research paper.

Formatting the citations

Once you get familiar with a documentation style, formatting the research paper citations would become less difficult. But if you are not confident about handling the task yourself, we can assist you. We offer professional formatting, editing and proofreading services to students of all subjects. We also offer custom writing services to students who wish to opt for it. Our writers are all highly experienced in academic writing and well-qualified in their respective subject areas. You may contact us for any assistance with your academic assignments.

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