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Research Paper Abstract

How to write research paper abstracts

If you are familiar with the concept of research paper writing, you will be aware that many components are put together to form a research paper document. One of those components is the research paper abstract. An abstract is aimed at giving the readers an idea of the content of the paper. When it comes to academic research papers, the abstract is an optional component. But as it is included in almost all projects, it is better for all students to learn how to prepare abstracts for research papers.

The two types of abstracts

Research paper abstracts are of two types – the informative abstract and the descriptive abstract. The two types differ in purpose as well as the format. The informative abstract:

• Can be prepared only after you have completed your research paper as every piece of information given in this section must tally with the contents of the paper.

• Is a summary of the complete research paper document. It must address the topic, the thesis, the methodology, the sources and the research findings. Avoid using citations in the abstract as it will waste too much space.

• Should be around 10% of the length of the research paper or five pages, whichever is lesser. Informative abstracts, if too short, will sound more confusing than informative and if it is too long, will dissuade the reader from reading the paper.

• Should give a precise overview of the paper, in case the reader does not have enough time to go through the whole document. The information provided must be complete and accurate.

An informative abstract should be informative enough to give the reader a chance to judge the document by reading the research paper abstract. On the other hand, a descriptive abstract:

• Can be prepared before the document is completed as it talks only about the topic and the overall purpose of the research.

• Is more commonly used for journals and books. Rarely used for research papers as it does not help the readers to decide whether to read the complete document or not.

• Is a very short paragraph of around 150 to 200 words. It must not exceed this limit as it is meant to be short and less informative.

• Does not discuss the research conclusions or methodology. The sources, the thesis etc are omitted too.

• Does not substitute for reading the document. Is vague in nature and meant only to give the reader an idea of what the discussion is about.

The type of abstract required for each project must be ascertained from the project guidelines. Research paper abstracts are not tough to prepare; but in case of informative abstracts, it might prove a bit tiring as it can be prepared only after you complete writing the paper. In which case, you may consider getting professional help with your abstract. We have highly experienced professional academic writers who will be glad to assist you with the abstract of your research paper. We offer help with all stages and parts of term paper projects and research paper assignments. Whether you are struggling with your economics paper topics, essay topics, or with your process paper ideas, we can help you with it all. We also offer outstanding custom research papers in all subjects and levels.

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