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Research Cover Page

Key elements of good research cover pages

Research papers are formal documents and are to be presented in the manner appropriate for the documentation style used. There are specific patterns which are approved for the presentation of the various components of a research paper document. These can be ascertained from the latest editions of the style manuals of the research paper or term paper format you are expected to use. A research paper has many components and the research cover page is the most prominent one.

Understanding the purpose of a research paper cover page

Most people do not have the time or patience to read through the complete research paper document to evaluate it. Hence, more than often, people use the cover page to decide whether they want to read on or not. Thus, the research cover page creates the first impression about the quality of your assignment.

The purpose of the cover page is to give information on:

• The author of the paper
• The content of the paper
• The subject on which the paper was prepared
• The date of submission
• The teacher

Preparing a research paper cover page impressively

Each documentation style has a specific way of presenting the information on the title page. The most commonly used documentation styles for academic research papers are the MLA style, the APA style and the Chicago style. There are certain points you must remember while preparing research cover pages in various formats.

1. The information to be presented on the title page is somewhat the same for all the research paper formats. What differs is the pattern of presentation. You can ensure that you don’t miss out on any of the vital elements of your title page by including it in your outlines for research papers.

2. The MLA style does not require a separate cover page. The information is to be given on the top quarter of the first page of your research paper. But if your project guidelines ask for a separate cover page in MLA style, then you will find the option for that also in the MLA style manual.

3. The APA format employs the use of a running head, in addition to the rest of the information, on the title page. The running head is a part of the title which makes complete sense while standing on its own. You may check out some good examples of APA format papers to get an accurate idea of the cover page presentation.

4. The Chicago style has its title on the prominent part of the cover page which is the top quarter. The rest of the information is given double-spaced towards the bottom of the page.

Research cover pages can be prepared only after you complete your research paper as you will need to wait till then to find the most suitable title for your paper. But do not keep it for the last minute as it needs to be formatted perfectly. You can check out the sample expository essays and college term paper samples, on our website, to understand the concept of cover pages better. If you need any further help with your research paper, let us know. We can also offer you a custom research paper, formatted to perfection, prepared as per the specifications of your project.

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