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MLA Research Paper Outline

Understanding the MLA research paper outline

The Modern Language Association of America developed the MLA style of documentation with regard to the specific documentation requirements of research data in Language and literature. But due to its flexible and rather liberal nature, it has become the favorite documentation style for research papers in many other subjects also. As it is among the simplest of styles, once you get an idea of the MLA research paper outline, it need not be difficult at all to prepare an impressive MLA research paper.

Important points to note about writing MLA research papers

The MLA style gives a lot of liberty to the instructors as well as the scholars about documenting the data. The liberties, extremely helpful as they are, sometimes make it tougher for the students to perfect their MLA research paper outline as they will have to accommodate the specific alterations requested by their instructors as well. If the guideline instructions regarding the formatting of the MLA style paper contradict the basic style rules, remember that the guidelines of your research project count above everything else. You may follow them blindly; if asked to follow the style guidelines for the formatting of the document, refer to the latest edition of the MLA style manual.

There are certain basic features which sets the MLA style apart from the rest of the documentation styles.

1. The title page: The most unique feature of the MLA documentation style is the title page which is a part of the first page of the research paper. Whereas all documentation styles ask for a separate title page, MLA style prefers it to be included in the top quarter of the first page of the paper. The style has also laid out the option of a separate title page; unless the guidelines suggest the use of a separate title page, you need not worry about it.

2. The citations: The MLA research paper outline will have two types of references – the in-text citations and a separate bibliography section. The in-text citations are to be in the (author, page) format. The bibliography section must begin on a separate sheet and given the heading of “Works Cited”. This section is known as the ‘works cited list’. MLA style also permits the use of content notes and end notes for referencing purposes.

3. The page formatting: MLA style allows the use of all formal fonts like Times New Roman; however, the use of fancy fonts is not permitted. The margins are to be of one-inch on all sides and the typing must be double-spaced.

The MLA research paper outline clearly shows how liberal and flexible the style is. Yet, if you fail to follow the few specifications the style demands, you may not be excused for that. If you wish to get an outline for research paper in MLA style prepared by professionals, let us know. We offer help with all types of academic assignments including computer term paper projects, math projects, literature research papers, history papers and technology Research Papers. We have a 24 X 7 customer care team to help you out with any further queries you may have regarding the same.

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