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Literary Research Paper Topic

Some good ideas of literary research paper topics

English literature is among the most interesting subjects of study. But unlike what most students believe, it is not the easiest of subjects to learn. You can never complete literature education successfully by learning your text books by heart and reproducing them on your exam paper. Only those who are skilled with words and who has a genuine interest in the subject will be able to make a success of their literary education. By placing the relevant points plainly on a sheet of paper, you will not be able to impress the audience of a literature research paper. You will have to take a creative approach, to your literary research paper topic, to be able to bring the best out of that topic.

Some interesting literature research paper topic idea samples

There is no dearth of topics in literature. But choosing one which suits your special interests and skills might prove a little difficult as literature has no boundaries. The numerous sections and sub-sections of literature which are waiting to be explored might make the task of choosing one literature research paper topic a difficult one. Listed below are some areas of literature which you may choose to dig for good literary research paper topics.

1. The genres: The various genres of literature including prose, poetry and drama have never stopped evolving. You may choose to study the evolution of one of those genres or do a comparative analysis of any two sub-sections of one of those genres of literature.

2. The authors and poets: There is a huge list of the names of authors and poets registered in English literature; some famous and some others lesser known. You may choose to study any one of them to evaluate their strengths and shortcomings. You may also choose one of them, who never made it to reach the top even on being good, and list out the reasons for his, or her, failure.

3. The works: Another excellent option of a literary research paper topic is to critically analyze a famous literary work. Choose one which suits your special skills so that you can use the opportunity to showcase your own creative talent.

4. The history: Literature has been classified into various eras with respect to the period to which it belongs. Hence, you may choose to study one of the works in relation to the period to which it belongs or an era of literature with regard to the kind of works it produced.

A literature topic will be extremely interesting to study if you manage to pick an interesting one for your project. But a wrong choice of a literary topic can do more harm than good as it would fail to highlight the best of your literary skills.

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