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Introduction of Research Paper

How to frame introductions of research papers impressively

A research paper is made up of various components; some mandatory and some optional. Out of the mandatory components of a research paper is its introduction. It is the first paragraph of the research paper and hence must be framed carefully. A poorly framed introduction of research paper will leave a negative first – impression of your work on your audience. On the other hand, a well-framed introduction will make your audience impressed enough to pay attention to what you are talking about.

Tips on preparing interesting research paper introductions

The guidelines of your research paper will not detail on how each component of your research paper must be framed. That is for you to find out on your own; that is where you would be able to prove your writing skills. In order to learn how to prepare each part of your research paper, you must know the objective of each of those parts. The objective of a research paper introduction is to introduce your topic and your theory to the audience. The points to be included in the research paper introduction depend on the type and length of the assignment. Listed below are some tips which will help you frame interesting and impressive introductions.

• Do not make your introduction too long unless your research paper is a very lengthy one. A short and crisp introduction is the most ideal one to put your point across effectively.
• Do not give away too much in the introductions of research papers. It will take the interest of your audience off your paper if they learn too much in the introduction itself.
• Present the facts in such a way that it generates curiosity in the audience, making them want to read on and find out what the paper contains.
• Introduce the topic well in a few words. Your audience will be able to follow you only if they are clear about what your topic is and which research problem you are addressing.
• Give only as much background information as is necessary to help the audience understand the research problem better. Too much background information will take the focus off the topic.
• State your thesis clearly in one sentence. Do not use compound or complex sentences without ensuring that the meaning is conveyed as you wanted it to be. The thesis is the focal point of your research paper and must be stated very clearly.

Since the introduction of research paper is privileged to be the first paragraph of the research paper document, it also has the power to create a positive or negative impression about your paper in your readers’ minds. Hence, frame it carefully.

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