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Introduction in Research Paper

How to write introductions in research papers

Out of all the most important components of a research paper is its introduction. An introduction not only introduces the topic to the reader but also gives away the first impression about the quality of your paper. Framing good introductions in research papers would be easy enough if you know what the purpose of an introduction is and what all must be observed while preparing an introduction.

The purpose of a research paper introduction

Research paper writing is a skill which cannot be mastered over night. There are students who are not confident about handling research paper projects even after working on numerous projects. This is quite justified considering the fact that each project is different from the rest and with every project, you are expected to perform better than before. Each of the parts of term paper or research paper assignments is to improve with every project you work on. This includes everything from the title page and introduction in research paper to the conclusion.

An introduction serves more than just the purpose of telling the audience about your topic of discussion. The main features of the introduction in research paper assignments can be listed as follows:

• It introduces the topic.
• It gives enough background information on the topic.
• It explains the nature of research.
• It details on the scope of the topic.
• It talks about the methodology used.
• It states the thesis of the paper.

How to prepare a good introduction

A good introduction is that which manages to effectively familiarize the audience with the topic of discussion. If your introduction fails in its purpose, your audience will find it extremely difficult to follow your paper. By taking a few things into account while preparing a research paper introduction, you will be able to make it interesting, informative and impressive.

1. Do not make your introduction too long. It is supposed to be a short and crisp paragraph.
2. Introduce the topic in a manner which suits the comprehension level of your audience.
3. Give only the most relevant background information in the introduction.
4. Do not give away too much in the introductory paragraph.
5. Avoid talking about the methodology if the paragraph becomes too long.
6. State the thesis, confidently and clearly, as the last sentence of the introduction.
7. Use your writing skills to make your introduction informative without saying too much.
8. Frame it in a confident tone to give your audience the impression that you know what you are talking about.

Framing good introductions in research papers need not be so difficult, if you possess reasonably good writing skills. It is all about telling the reader just as much as he must know to be able to follow your paper; giving away too much would take your reader’s interest off your paper. If you are not confident about preparing the introduction of your research paper, we can assist you. We offer assistance with all parts and stages of research paper writing. Whether you are looking for help with economics paper topics or math topics, we can assist you. Research paper topics, term paper topics, essay prompts and process paper ideas are all present in our list of services. We also offer outstanding custom research papers in all subjects, written and formatted to perfection by highly experienced academic writers.

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