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History Research Paper

Making history research papers interesting and impressive

History is an interesting subject of study; it is equally interesting to do research on historical topics. But the main trouble with historical researches is that the appeal of history research topics is highly subjective to the perspectives of the audience. And that would make it quite difficult to engage them in the discussion of your topic unless you have managed to prepare an extremely interesting history research paper. But, when the appreciation of a history paper is so subjective in nature, how will you ensure that your audience or readers enjoy your research paper?

Some helpful tips for writing history papers

There are many aspects which contribute to the appeal of a history paper. Once you learn how to apply them while working on your project would make it much easier for you to prepare interesting history research papers.

• Assess your audience before picking your topic. There are certain topics which are of interest to almost everyone. Picking one of those will reduce the risk of a majority of your audience finding your topic dull and unexciting. Do not choose topics which are routinely discussed among history students or scholars. Look for one which is intriguing and interesting.

• Do not use up all your best points in the beginning itself. It will make the rest of the portions boring, in comparison. Alternate the best points and the less significant ones to maintain the interest of the audience.

• Do not keep moving back and forth in your writing. For example, avoid phrases like ‘as mentioned in the third paragraph….’ or ‘as per the evidence presented in the fifth paragraph…’ It is extremely distracting for the audience to have to first spot those paragraphs and then look for the information and get back to where they were. History research papers are usually a jumble of dates, figures and names. Your audience will need all their concentration to keep up with your presentation. Hence, maintain the flow of the paper by organizing the points in such a way that each point is completely covered before you move on to the next.

• Use credible sources. You will come across many pieces of information which has been recorded in history under circumstantial evidence. Such information is best avoided, as it will not help in adding credibility to your theory. It will not be easy to sort out credible information and baseless arguments in history. The safest thing to do is to stick to credible, known sources.

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