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Good Topics for Research Papers

How to identify a good topic for a research paper

The topic plays a big role in the outcome of a research paper. There are many students who are not aware of this fact. Often, the reason for a poorly prepared research paper is a bad choice of topic. Some students realize the mistake they made with the selection of their research paper topic half-way through their research but by then it would be too late to change it. There is no dearth of good topics for research papers; it is just that they are not easy to spot. Understanding the importance of making a right choice of a research topic is the first step to identifying a good one.

The significance of choosing the right topic

Even though the finding the right topic is just the first step of writing a research paper, your choice of topic would affect the entire research and writing process. The topic you choose would reflect:

• Your specific areas of interest
• Your ability to judge the suitability of a topic
• Your knowledge of the subject area

Spotting the right topic

Spotting the right topic would be as tough as finding someone whom you don’t recognize, in a crowd. So, exactly how you would look for certain identification marks while trying to find a stranger in a crowd, you must look for those features which qualify a topic as a good one. You may prepare a check-list depending on the specifications mentioned in the guidelines. But there are certain basic features which you must look for while searching for a good topic for a research paper.

1. The appeal: Topics which are controversial or of a high practical application value are highly appreciated by all kinds of audiences. All the same, if you have been asked to address a specific level or category of audience, then choose a topic which would suit them.

2. The subject area: All subjects have many divisions and sub-divisions. The topic you choose must be from the relevant area of the subject. For example, history has many sub-divisions which are classified using factors like time (ancient history, modern history) and area (American history, Chinese history, Indian history). The history term paper topic you choose must be from the relevant section.

3. Your interest and knowledge: Research paper projects are usually tiring and long winded; a topic which does not interest you will make it worse. Also, most research paper assignments carry tight deadlines. Hence, it is always better to pick a topic of which at least the basics are familiar to you. Studying a topic from the scratch would not be easy while handling academic research papers.

4. Availability of sources and research tools: It is only wise to think ahead. Good sources are not very easy to come-by and since it is so important to find the best sources for reference, it will be wiser on your part to ensure availability of the sources and other research tools before you finalize the topic.

Good topics for research papers are those which would suit the author, the audiences and also the objective of the assignment. If you manage to find the right topic for your project, you can impress the audience with less effort on your part.

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