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Good Research Paper Topic

Examples of some good research paper topics

Research paper projects usually come with rather tight deadlines. The faster, you push yourself through the first few stages of research paper writing, the better as you will need all the time you can spare for the research and writing stages. One of the stages where students tend to waste a lot of time is that of choosing a good research paper topic. Sometimes time gets wasted trying to find a topic that suits them and some other times they end up wasting time trying to pick one from a list of good topics. But as it is just the first stage of a research project, it is not wise to spend too much time over it. The easiest way to find the best topic, without wasting much time over it, is to figure out the specifications of the topic you need before starting your search.

Good research paper topic samples for reference

There are numerous topics which are available for research. But the suitable topic for your project cannot be determined without referring to your project guidelines. Each project has its own unique objective and you need to find a topic which fits into the topic guidelines of the project. Once you have figured out what kind of topic you need, with regard to your interests and the project specifications, you will be able to choose good research paper topics without much trouble.

Each type of project needs a different kind of topic.

• Argumentative research papers: Only a topic which can generate counter argument will count as an argumentative topic.

1. Global warming research paper on whether it is justified that all natural calamities and other issues involving nature are blamed upon global warming.
2. Shakespeare’s sonnets and the main characters: autobiographical or fictional?

• Comparative research papers: Should have two or more topics, all of which has a common element to use as the principle for comparison.

1. A comparative study of the fashion trends in two states in America.
2. A comparative analysis of the psychological changes which happen in teenagers of both genders.

• Process papers: Only topics which involve a process, which can be explained, qualify as process paper topics.

1. The process of making a new product, a success among the masses.
2. The process of creating colors using natural components.

• Controversial topics: Should have been a subject of public interest over a long period of time.

1. Is government, in any way, responsible for the rising number of women and children who fall prey to sex trafficking?
2. Should children, with special needs, be allowed to mingle with other children, as long as they don’t have the tendency for violence?

If you try to find a topic without knowing what you need, you might end up with a topic which does not suit you or your project. If you wish to get help with finding good research paper topics, let us know. Our writers are highly experienced in academic writing and hence familiar with the specifications of topics. We help students with all their issues related to academic writing, including that of preparing effective term paper outlines and formatting the papers. We also offer outstanding custom research papers in all subjects and levels of education.

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