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Free Sample Research Papers (APA style)

Identifying a good free sample research paper (APA style)

APA style of documentation for research papers was developed by the American Psychological Association to suit the documentation requirements of psychology. But it is one of the most highly preferred documentation formats in academia, not just for the subject of psychology but also for those like sociology. If you are not familiar enough with the style, you might need some help to get acquainted with the APA format. You will be able to find free sample research papers (APA style) on the internet which would come in handy while trying to figure out the style.

Understanding the APA style guidelines

There are certain features which set the APA style apart from the others. If you make a note of those unique features, you will be able to follow the formatting guidelines more easily. Even though most assignments come with instructions to follow the style manual for the formatting requirements, there are cases where your teacher would specify certain alterations which might be slightly different from the basic methods but allowed by the style. Examples of APA style papers can be very helpful; if you cannot afford to pay for the sample, look for a free sample research paper (APA style), for reference.

The basic attributes of the APA style can be listed as follows:

1. The use of a running head on the title page as well as all the consecutive pages. The running head is a part of the title which conveys the complete meaning while standing on its own.

2. The in-text citations in the format of (author, date). The author refers to the surname of the author whereas the date refers to the date of publication.

3. A bibliography reference section with the heading of ‘References’. The list is to begin on a fresh page and organized alphabetically as per the surnames of the authors.

4. Strict rules regarding the use of footnotes. This is where many students get confused. Footnotes are permitted in APA style documentation but on the condition that it shall not be used for bibliographic referencing within the text. Footnotes can be used to provide extra information on any part of the text, if it is too irrelevant to be included in the paper.

Along with your free sample research paper (APA style), you will also need a latest edition of APA style manual to guide you through the formatting process. Following the formatting specifications to its finest detail is extremely important while preparing a research paper.

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