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Finding a good free research paper example

All that comes for free are not always the best ones, as you may have learned from your experience. This applies to academic research paper examples also. There are numerous free research paper examples listed on the internet. But not all of them are good. Unless you know how to identify a good one, you might end up with the wrong kind of sample which would mislead you into repeating the same mistakes made in that example.

How to identify a good research paper example

The accuracy of your evaluation of the research paper example would depend on how familiar you are with research paper writing and the related aspects. Whether you are a beginner in research paper writing or reasonably familiar with it, there are many ways b which you can identify a good free research paper example.

If you are totally new to the concept of research paper writing:

• Ascertain the credibility of the source which offers you the free sample by asking around or by checking out the samples of their works.

• Check whether the example you choose has a title page which has a prominent title and information on the author, the course, the name of the professor and the date of submission.

• Check if there is a separate bibliographic section, which is well-organized in alphabetical order.

• Pick one which was prepared recently or updated recently. Research paper formats get updated at regular intervals, leaving the old formatting rules outdated.

• Get a manual of the style used in the paper and cross-check simple aspects like the format for parenthetical references.

• Ask someone who is familiar with research paper writing to evaluate the quality of the free research paper example which you found.

If you are used to research paper writing, then ascertaining the quality of a free example of research paper is simple.

• Check whether the structure of the paper is perfectly framed. The title page, the introduction and the conclusion can be scrutinized for the purpose.

• Consider the quality of writing and clarity of language in the example you chose. This can be achieved by going through some paragraphs randomly.

• See if the sources are all cited appropriately. You can cross-check some of the aspects using the manual of the style used for the documentation of the example.

• Check how well the bibliography has been presented. The manner in which the details have been presented and organized can give you an idea of the author’s academic expertise.

• Check the date on which the paper was submitted or updated. Only a recently prepared or outdated sample can be of use to you as an example.

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