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Example of Introduction in Research Paper

Good examples of introductions in research papers

There are various components in a research paper. One of the most significant one among those is the research paper introduction. The significance is not only due to the fact that it gives your reader the first impression about your project but it is also due to the fact that it influences the way your audience understands of the project. If you look at good examples of introductions in research papers, you will see that they are all informative and intriguing at the same time. It can be a bit difficult but considering the ways in which an interesting introduction can add to the appeal of your paper, the effort you take towards preparing a good introduction would be worth every bit of it.

Preparing good research paper introductions

The perfect method for presenting your research paper introduction must be determined with respect to the type of research paper and the length of the document. As you will see in a good example of introduction in research paper, the length of a research paper introduction will approximately be around 10% of the complete length of the paper.

There are certain things which are expected out of all research paper introductions: It must:

• Introduce the topic to the audience in a concise yet comprehensible manner. Do not give away too much; you audience must have something to learn from the rest of the paper also.
• Mention the scope of the research problem and its significance at the time of the research. The scope of the research problem is something that can generate interest in your audience.
• Give the necessary background information on the topic. It would help your audience follow your paper better.
• Explain the nature of the research and research paper. The nature of research is among the most important points to be conveyed to the audience at this stage.
• State the thesis as the last sentence of the introductory paragraph. Contain your theory clearly and precisely in a sentence.

An introduction which is concisely prepared, packing as much of the relevant information as is possible into it, would be the best example of introduction in research paper. Hence, after adding the above points, if you still have more space to spare for the introduction after including these points, instead of elaborating on the above points, you may add a few additional points.

• Explain its relevance in the subject area of research, justifying your choice.
• Give additional information on the topic.
• Mention the methodology used for research.
• Talk about how long it took to take the research to its conclusion.

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