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Example of Conclusion in Research Paper

Some examples of conclusions in research papers

Conclusion, even though the last part of a research paper document, is still among the most important ones. There are many students who choose to wind up the paper without considering any of the necessary aspects, mostly because they would be running out of time and will be in a hurry to get their work over with. But the research paper conclusion is a component which can affect the rest of the paper also. If you are not sure of how to prepare a conclusion to your research paper, you may take a look at some good examples of conclusions in research papers, offered as samples. There are many aspects which make a research paper conclusion effective, which is going to be discussed in this article.

Examples of conclusions in research papers of various types

There are many types of research papers. The main classification principle used to define the type of research papers is that of its objective. An argumentative research paper is named so because it argues its point; an analytical paper presents the report of the analysis of a topic. The framing of the structural elements or the various parts of Research Papers or research papers is dependent on its type. Each part of a research paper must complement its purpose. The introduction, the body, the conclusion etc must be prepared with regard to the main objective of the assignment. Hence, if you need to refer to an example of conclusion in research paper, choose a research paper sample which is of the same type as yours. Let us take a look at the vital elements of the conclusions of some of the most commonly assigned types of research papers.

1. Argumentative or persuasive research papers:

• Summary of the main evidence.
• A confident reinstatement of the thesis.
• A conclusive statement.

2. Analysis or critical analysis research papers:

• Summary of the procedure.
• The analytical report.
• The reinstatement of the thesis.
• Suggestions of further study on the topic.

3. Deductive research papers:

• The first and last points.
• The link between the points, in the right order.
• The deductive summary.
• The conclusive report.

4. Narrative research papers:

• Interesting presentation of the theory stated in the introduction.
• The moral of the narrated incident.
• Impressive concluding line.

You can never copy the same style as that of the example you are referring to, as each assignment has its own specific requirements according to which you will need to alter the pattern of the concluding paragraph.

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