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Example of a Research Paper

Choosing good examples of research papers

Students are made to write numerous research papers, often starting as early as middle school level. But research paper writing is one of those things which one can never get used to; each research paper project will be different from the rest and will come with many instructions and conditions attached to it. These instructions are often tough to follow; if you are not familiar with them, it will be better to fetch some good examples of research papers to refer to, in order to understand the process better.

How to choose a good research paper example

The main purpose of referring to examples is to get a better and more accurate grasp of a particular procedure. You usually tend to follow the example you have chosen, somewhat blindly. This makes it extremely important for you to choose, not just any example of a research paper but, a good one. If you cannot say the difference between a good and a bad one, then it would be more ideal to find someone more knowledgeable to choose it for you than to end up with the wrong one.

• The quality of the document: By roughly going through a few paragraphs of the document, you should be able to make a rough judgment of the quality of the paper. The language, the presentation etc are some of the factors which determine the quality of a research paper document.

• The credibility of the source: It is extremely important that the source from which you pick the sample is credible and reliable. A credible source will maintain the quality of the documents they give out as samples, making it safer for you to follow it.

• The terms and conditions: Most examples of research papers are chosen over the internet as it is the most easily accessible of all mediums. But remember to check the terms and conditions of use before finalizing on a sample. There are many websites which claim that their samples are free for reference; but a closer look would reveal clauses which suggest that only a part of the document is available free of cost or something similar.

What to know while using research paper samples for reference

One mistake that often happens from students while referring to samples is that they accidentally, or sometimes deliberately, copy parts of the research paper sample and use it in their paper. But always remember that plagiarism is a punishable offence and if caught, it will leave a permanent black mark in your academic records. In the modern world, there are very effective methods of detecting plagiarism and hence, you must be careful not to end up plagiarizing even accidentally. Use the sample only for reference purposes.

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