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Argumentative Research Paper Topics

Some simple argumentative research paper topic examples

Argumentative research papers are quite often assigned to students. This type of research paper focuses on making a statement of argumentative nature and proving it with substantial evidence. It is not among the easiest of assignments to handle as it requires an in-depth research into the topic and the related aspects. It also takes a lot of persuasive writing skills to convince the audience of your theory; nobody gives in to the views of others so easily. Starting from the choice of your argumentative research paper topic, every small aspect must be carefully chosen to prepare an effective argumentative paper.

Choosing a topic for an argumentative paper

Not all topics qualify as argumentative research paper topics. While choosing the topic for a paper of argumentative nature, you must consider if:

• The topic can invite arguments of varied nature.
• The topic is one which has not been solved satisfactorily before.
• You can find a thesis which can be proved satisfactorily, on that topic.
• You have access to sources, on the topic, which are strong enough to support your argument.

Samples of topics for argumentative research papers

1. Internet has been proved to be one of the most useful concepts of all times; but it has also given wrong-doers the key to intrude into the privacy of unsuspecting, vulnerable public. Is internet actually worth the risks it poses?

2. Domestic violence cases are going up in numbers despite the numerous awareness campaigns. Men are usually blamed for it; but on second thought, do women also carry some responsibility in the matter?

3. Common man is often unaware of what all legal rights he has and what all privileges he is entitled to. In fact, he is often ignorant about whom he should obey and whom he need not worry about. Will it help if the children are taught the basic legal rights they enjoy, as a subject in schools?

4. Are Shakespeare’s sonnets autobiographical? Considering the fact that his creativity knew no bounds, is it not possible that the characters in the sonnets are also his creation?

5. Does the mythology of a nation influence its social stature in any way? Does it have any lasting effects on the society?

6. Are all the facts recorded in history about the Holocaust fully accurate? Have there been any discrepancies in the inclusion of the names of the culprits or are there any fabricated stories regarding the cruelty the victims suffered?

The choice of good, interesting argumentative research paper topics can make a big positive difference in the paper you prepare. It will not only make the process interesting to you but it will also make the paper sound interesting and impressive to the audience.

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