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Argumentative Research Paper Format

Understanding the argumentative research paper format

There are many types of research papers; each with a different objective. In order to fulfill the objective of a research paper satisfactorily, many aspects must be put in place. And in order to understand what those aspects are and how each of them must be chosen, you must first learn the objectives of the various types of academic assignments. One of the most commonly assigned projects is that of an argumentative research paper. For the purpose of figuring out the argumentative research paper format, you need to know how it works and what all needs to be taken care of while handling such an assignment.

The necessary elements for an argumentative paper

Argumentative papers work towards proving an argument on a particular topic. The argument you place, or the thesis of the paper, must be proved satisfactorily for the paper to fall into the league of argumentative papers. The other elements which complement the argumentative research paper format are:

1. An argumentative topic: The topic you choose for your argumentative paper must have the potential for counter arguments. It can be your view on an existing topic or a fresh but contradictory view of an existing theory. What matters is that the topic must be arguable.

2. An original thesis: There is nothing which can add more appeal to a research paper than an original idea. Whether you are dealing with analytical topics or process paper ideas, the thesis is expected to be authentic. The same applies to argumentative papers also. Even if the existing argument you choose is one which is not yet proved, it will not be as interesting as a completely original theory.

3. Strong sources: Sources which are not just capable of providing you with information but are also credible enough to offer support to your argument would help you in convincing your audience more easily.

4. Appropriate methodology: While placing an argument, you are also expected to present unquestionable evidence towards the same. And in order to be able to collect the necessary evidence, you will need to make an accurate choice of the methodology. You might need to use more than one methodology in an argumentative paper; remember that the criterion is to collect as much strong evidence as is possible.

5. Persuasive writing skills: How much ever perfect your research paper or term paper format is, you would not get the expected results if you fail to employ the use of powerful language. Persuasive writing techniques are considered as an inevitable part of the argumentative research paper format. And persuasive writing asks for the most skillful choice and usage of words.

Once you learn about the various elements of the argumentative research paper format and understand what role each of those elements play in the composition of an effective argumentative paper, you will not find it so confusing anymore. If you need any further assistance with your argumentative research papers, let us know. We can prepare a research outline template for your project or even prepare a custom research paper for you as per the specifications of your project. Our writers specialize in academic writing and are highly qualified in their subject areas. With their help, you can prepare an outstanding argumentative research paper.

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