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APA Style Research Paper Format

Applying the APA style research paper format appropriately

If you are studying sociology or psychology, you would be familiar with the term APA style even if you are not sure of how it works. The APA format for research paper documentation was developed by the American Psychological Association for the purpose of documenting research data in psychology. As it is quite similar to the ASA style which was set by the American Sociological Association, the academic research papers in sociology are also usually documented using the APA style. Other than these two subjects, there are many other subjects which make use of the APA style research paper format as teachers have the liberty to choose the style in which the assignments are to be prepared.

Formatting a research paper as per the APA style research paper format

Even if you are familiar with the style, it is always helpful to have the latest edition of the manual of APA Style, in hand, for reference purposes while preparing an APA style research paper. There are various clauses which change when the style gets updated at regular intervals and it is extremely important for you be aware of the latest rules of the style.

The APA style research paper format requires:

1. The title page to include the title, the name of the author, the course title, the name of the professor and the date of submission. It also asks for a running head – a feature which is specific to the style – to be mentioned on the title page as well. The running head would be a part of the title which would convey the content nevertheless.

2. The sources to be cited twice – once within the text and once again in a separate bibliography section. The in-text citations are to be formatted as per the (author, date) system where the author’s surname and the date of publishing would be given in brackets next to the cited information. The bibliography section is to be titled ‘References’ and must include complete details of the sources, listed as per the alphabetical order of the surnames of the authors.

3. Footnotes to be used only for the purpose of providing additional information to the readers for further research or reference purposes. There are various instances where you would know more about the topic than what you can possibly include in your paper. The extra information would be useful for the readers but might be too irrelevant to be included in your research paper. In such cases, you can leave footnotes which are linked to the relevant part of the text using special characters or numbers.

Applying the APA style research paper format will be easy enough if you are familiar with the nature and attributes of the style. But if you are new to the style and is facing a tight deadline, you might find it difficult to manage the task without risking your deadline. But there is no need to despair at all. We can assist you in formatting your paper as per the specifications of your project. Whether you are dealing with a computer term paper, history research paper, sociology paper or a technology term paper, we can assist you. We offer help with all tasks related to academic writing including that of help with preparing an outline for research paper or that of editing and proofreading a document. Our custom research papers are custom written to suit the specifications of each project and to accommodate individual preferences.

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