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APA Style Research Paper

The main attributes of APA style research papers

Learning a research paper or term paper format is all about understanding its specifications. The APA style, developed by the American Psychological Association is also quite unique in its documentation methods. The style has a manual which details on each and every one of those rules but if you try to refer to the manual and format the paper, without knowing anything at all about the style, you might find it to be confusing and time-consuming. On the other hand, if you learn certain basic aspects about the style, it will help you to understand the rules better and also follow the alterations (if any), demanded by your instructor, about the formatting of your APA style research paper.

How to format a research paper in APA style

The research paper passes through various stages before the final draft is ready. The formatting comes towards the end of the procedure. After you have prepared the rough draft and before you draft the final copy, you would need to format, edit and proofread the document. While formatting APA style research papers, there are certain basic points which you can try to remember, to make it easier for you to apply the format appropriately.

• The title page must contain the title, the name of the author, the course title, the name of the instructor and the date of submission. In addition to these aspects, you also need to include a running head which is a part of the complete title which effectively conveys the content matter on its own. The running head is one of the most unique features of an APA style research paper.

• The APA style uses the (author, date) format for in-text citations. The ‘author’ stands for the surname of the author and the ‘date’ must be the date of publishing. It is to be noted and remembered that APA style strictly forbids the use of footnotes for in-text referencing purposes. Footnotes, even though permitted, are meant only for the purpose of giving additional information, which might be useful to the reader, on any part of the text.

• The bibliography section of an APA format paper must be given the heading of ‘References’. The information is to be arranged as per the alphabetical order of the surnames of the authors. The method of citing each type of source in this section is detailed in the manual of style.

The APA style is one of the most commonly used documentation format for academic research papers. If you are a sociology or psychology student, you will be documenting all your academic assignments in the APA style. If you even have a slight inkling that you will be dealing with APA style research papers, you must get a grasp of these basic facts in order to be able to understand the formatting instructions of your project better. If you need any further help with the formatting of your research paper, let us know. We offer help with everything related to academic writing which includes expert assistance with process paper ideas, term paper topics, research paper ideas, research outline templates, editing and formatting. We also offer outstanding custom research papers in all subjects and levels.

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