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APA Research Paper Format

The fundamental aspects to learn about the APA research paper format

The APA format was developed by the American psychological Association; hence called the APA format. This style of documentation is highly preferred by sociology and psychology for the documentation of research data. In academic writing, subjects other than sociology and psychology also make use of also often make use of the APA style as teachers have the liberty to choose the documentation style for academic research papers. If you are studying sociology or psychology, you will have to master the APA research paper format and be clear about its fundamental rules of formatting research papers. Even otherwise, if you feel that your teacher might be prescribing the APA style for your academic assignments, you must learn at least the basic features of the style so that it would be easier for you to follow the formatting guidelines.

The main attributes of the APA format

There are certain aspects which distinguish the APA research paper format from the other documentation styles. Since APA is quite inflexible and strict when it comes to its formatting rules, you must also keep track of the changes which come about in its rules while it gets updated every now and then. The main points to note about the APA style are:

• It employs the use of a running head on the title page as well as all the consecutive pages of the document. The running head is a part of the title of the document which will effectively point towards the main topic. Ex: If the title is ‘The progress and efficacy of the Indian women liberation movement’, the running head would be ‘Indian women liberation movement’.

• Footnotes are used for the purpose of giving additional information on any part of the text. Sometimes, when the extra information you wish to give is not relevant enough to be included in the paper, you may give it as a footnote and link it to the text using a number or special character. Do not use footnotes for citing your sources in an APA format paper.

• The in-text citations or parenthetical references, as per the APA research paper format, are to be given in the ‘(author, date)’ format where the ‘author’ would be the surname of the author and the ‘date’, the year of publishing. The references are to be given alongside the cited information or portion. Ex: “When you have suffered a great deal in life, each additional pain is both unbearable and trifling.” (Martel, 2001)

• The bibliography section must be given the heading of ‘References’. The details must be organized in the alphabetical order of the surnames of the authors. The method of presenting the details of each type of source must be ascertained from the latest edition of the APA style manual.

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